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Walkability Index - Need help.

Question asked by lucyhenriqueshcu on Aug 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by jruiz-valdepena-esristaff

Dear all,


As part of my master thesis, I need to calculate a walkability index of different neighborhoods in Hamburg, Germany composed of:

- Land use mix (entropy index)
- Connectivity, represented by the ratio between the number of true intersections (three or more legs) to the land area of the block group in acres.
- FAR (Retail floor area ratio: the retail building floor area footprint divided by retail land floor area footprint)
- Net Residential Density (the ratio of residential units to the land area devoted to residential use per block group.)

I'm having a hard time calculating the Connectivity and the FAR for my neighborhoods. Can someone help me with these two?


I should generate two maps similar to these here:


I'm sorry the legends are in German.


I'm a beginner in ArcGIS. Any help or tutorial would be highly appreciated.