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Debugging Server Object Extension in Visual Studio 2015

Question asked by jitendrudu on Aug 1, 2018
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ArcObjects, V10.5

SOE development

Visual Studio 2015



I have followed each step to set up a remote debug of my SOE:

1. Download and configuring Remote tools on the development to enable the remote debug, using msvsmon.exe

2. Enabled remote connection for any user.

3. Allowed the SOE to be debugged on AGS

4. Enabled Symbols in Visual Studio, in tools>options>debugging

   MS symbols and ESRI symbols. 

   How to load the SOE symbols / pdb file? I simply copied the SOE pdb file to SymbolsCache folder.

4. Attached and restarted the Map Service

5. Attached the Process using the PID in Visual Studio


I could not make it work.