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Basic viewer search tool configuration (placeholder and layer names)

Question asked by mrcdecoaticook on Aug 1, 2018
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I just downloaded the latest version of the Basic Viewer app. I set the search tool to search in 2 features. In the "default.js" file, I set locati to "false" (I don't want to search with ESRI geocoder), and I added my search layers like this: 


  "searchLayers": [{
     "id": "Adresses_1330",
     "fields": ["Adr_Inc"], 
     "placeholder": "Adresse"
     "id": "Limites_de_lot_sans_remplissage_5853",
     "fields": ["NO_LOT"]

The search itself works fine, but there's 3 annoying things I need to fix:


  1. The placeholder won't appear, the search field is just blank on loading;
  2. The search tool is set by default on the first layer, but I would like to have it set on "ALL" when the app load (I would also get rid of the layer selector and have it on "ALL" only);
  3. If I can't get rid of the search layer selector, I'd like to be at least able to change the name of the layers in the menu to something more meaningfull to general public.


Anyone can help?