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Background image not showing up in sketch. Problem with default column?

Question asked by Chris.anderson on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2018 by Chris.anderson

I have a survey where users have the ability to sketch on top of a default photo. But, after the newest release, this option does not work. Prior to the version 3 release, users would click on the pencil icon to engage sketch mode. Now, the pencil icon is gone, and at the bottom is the name of the background image. If I click on the name, hoping to start sketching, it changes to a text box (nothing happens when I change the name). Same thing happens with the annotate appearance option. This happens on the S123 app on iPhone and Android, as well as the desktop app on a Windows 7 machine. Yes, the background image is in the media directory under My Surveys/<survey name>.


If I recreate the sketch in another, new survey, the same happens as my published survey. But, if I do not use a default image, the sketch works with the draw appearance (it is blank, but it works. ) If I use the annotate appearance, I can click on the pencil at the bottom, open up the .PNG I use as my default background image, and everything works fine.


So, it looks like there could be an issue with S123 reading a default image for the draw and annotate appearances.


Is anyone else running into this issue?

Chris Anderson