create point shapefile of street intersections from polyline - ArcEditor

Discussion created by mcatsos on Feb 9, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2019 by jason.murray19
I'm trying to create a point shapefile of street intersections in downtown Phoenix, somehow deriving the points from a lone street centerline layer. I have tried extracting polyline nodes to points, but nodes do not exist at all of the necessary intersections. Intersect-related solutions don't seem to be any help since I am only working with one layer.

I'm not experienced enough to understand most scripting. Is there any procedure to split polyline features into segments between each intersection? After that I could extract the nodes, then turn them into points.

Another option I have explored is creating a small buffer around the polyline features. Theoretically, the points where the buffers around each segment overlap represent the intersections. This method is more inclusive, including all the potential intersections, but I can not figure out how to "overlay" the buffer with itself. Is there some way to use overlay to extract the small polygons where the individual buffered segments overlap, even though they are all in the same layer?