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How to update text of ProgressDialog

Question asked by sgourley on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by wkaiser-esristaff

I have a button that shows a progress dialog. I then created a progressor source to update the dialog's message.



                var progress = new ProgressDialog("Creating edit session");


                var status = new ProgressorSource(progress);

                status.Progressor.Message = "Test";

                status.Message = "Test2"


Neither of those messages display. It is very difficult to debug since, well, when you debug the dialog is not visible. I'm assuming the progressdialog has it's own internal progresssorsource so mine is being ignored. I assume this because an edit operation is able to update the text of the progressdialog and I did not link the two items together.


What is the proper way to update the progressdialog's message if it is not with the progressor source object?