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How to keep field in Query layer - join

Question asked by Badeschlapfen on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2018 by Badeschlapfen

Hi all,


I have the problem that, when I join two tables in a query layer I loose the fields I'm interested in.

I want to keep all fields (or at least some selected fields).

See attachment for more details:

Point Layer<< Join >>Table
Field 1AField 1BField 1CField 1Dbased onField 2AField 2BField 2CField 2D
Unique ID 1111111Field AUnique ID 1AAAAAA
Unique ID 2222222Unique ID 2BBBBBB
Unique ID 3333333Unique ID 3CCCCCC
Unique ID 4444444Unique ID 4DDDDDD
RESULT what I getResult what I want to have
Field 1A/1BShapeOBJECTIDESRI_OIDField 1A/1BShapeOBJECTIDESRI_OIDField 2BField 2CField 2D
Unique ID 1Point1301210Unique ID 1Point1301210AAAAAA
Unique ID 2Point81639Unique ID 2Point81639BBBBBB
Unique ID 3Point44326Unique ID 3Point44326CCCCCC
Unique ID 4Point60061Unique ID 4Point60061DDDDDD



That's the code I have so far:

SELECT PointLayer.Field1A,PointLayer.Shape,PointLayer.OBJECTID from PointLayer

JOIN Table ON PointLayer.Assess=Table .Field2A


Any idea how to resolve my problem?