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Smooth layer refresh transition for layers in ArcGIS Online

Question asked by RP.CObb on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by KGerrow-esristaff

Does anyone know if Esri is either working on or can work on, improving the refreshing of layers in ArcGIS Online. Online seems to lag the more layers you have in terms of refreshing, but I was wondering if there is by any chance Esri might work on improving the refresh rate. I was thinking they could have it so that the layer refreshes underneath itself every time, kind of similar to a refresh rate on the tv or computer, so that the refresh changes become less noticeable. The transitioning for refreshed layers leaves a gap every time and so if anyone knows if Esri is working on improving the layers refresh rate or can work on it that would be great.