problem with spatial queries

Discussion created by DCSlatunn on Feb 9, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2012 by Grieck
My company just changed my computer and my program is now having problems performing spatial queries.  Old computer had 9.3sp1 and new computer has 9.3.1.  I am intersecting a point with lines and returning a selectionset.  On the old computer, I might get a selectionset of 2 features.  On the new computer I will get 1.  The program is a COM tool using ArcObjects in ArcMap.  I still have access to my old computer, so I have been able to test THE SAME program on both computers and check my debug output for features returned.  Any ideas on what could be going on?  Snap tolerance in ArcMap is set the same...anything else I should check?

Another tidbit is that if I run debug/compile the program on the new computer then I cannot download using an .msi on a 3rd computer without having these issues.  However, If I compile the SAME program on my old computer & download on the same 3rd computer, no problems! ALL esri dependencies are removed from the references because I am assuming that the user has ArcMap and the needed dlls.  THE 3rd COMPUTER HAS 9.3sp1.

Any help would be appreciated.  In addition, it seems that there is not as much traffic in these forums since the new format was introduced...anyone have suggestions to another forum where I may ask questions?