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Smart Editor - Editing Foreign Key in Related Table

Question asked by sethlewistempe on Jul 18, 2018

Using the Smart Editor widget I'm attempting to edit the primary key of a related table (the relationship class used to publish is not attributed.)


I have a point feature (cabinet) with a 1:M relationship. The related table represents widgets which exist inside a given cabinet. For example, a cabinet with Intersection Number 289 has 5 records each of which inherit the Intersection Number 289 of the respective cabinet. 


Widgets may be moved from cabinet to cabinet over time and thus to maintain referential integrity, in addition to concerns about interactivity and QueryTasks, I'd like to empower the user to update the related foreign key themselves.

See below: the related intersection number FK is disabled. 

Primary Feature ID

Related Feature ID

Using a Desktop client or the OOTB Edit Widget the foreign key of the related table is enabled for the user to alter but is disabled in the Smart Editor widget. I've taken a look at the widget's code in Developer Edition 2.8 and nothing jumped out at me re: exposing this.