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WAB 2.5: Custom Print Widget not working properly with proxy

Question asked by ibrahimd13 on Jul 18, 2018
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I created custom print button using ' esri/tasks/PrintTask' to print the map with graphics. For small area with graphics, Print tool is working fine but for larger areas with graphics like country/State level graphics, Print tool is not working. I configure the .net proxy in IIS and configure to WAB 2.5 in 'config.json' file. I am getting the "ERR_Connection_ABORTED" error. PFB image for the same.

Print Error

For small area with graphics, GET request is used and works fine. Whereas for bigger area with graphics, POST request method is used automatically. When i checked in ArcGIS server Logs, one warning message was there "Unable to get service usage timeout for  . defaulting to server directory timeout.....".


Any help !!