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Collector - Unable to delete or update features offline with feature service on our server

Question asked by Oharani54 on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by Steve.TIMBROOK_ODF

My organization is wanting to take a layer that we have in our enterprise geodatabase and use it with Collector in an offline setting. I follow the steps here to setup my layers for offline sync capabilities without using versioning. This entails adding Global IDs and enable archiving. I add global IDs through the tool and enable archiving. 


I then publish the layer to my server and select all capabilities including add, delete, update, sync, and query.


I create my web map and download it to collector. While connected to the internet, I can add, delete, and update features like normal. When I download the map, the features and everything downloads fine. I can add new features, but I cannot delete or update attributes offline.


When i try to update an attribute it says, "Unable to Update". When I try to delete a feature it says, "Unable to open the database file - Create virtual table for selection failed."


Any idea where I might have missed a step in configuring the data or publishing?