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Relating several feature classes to a single attachment table

Question asked by cpeters93710 on Jul 13, 2018
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I'm familiar with creating or enabling attachments for a feature class or table in ArcCatalog and ArcGIS Online. Is there a way to have several feature classes in a FGDB relate to a single attachment table using one:many relationships between each feature class and the one attachment table? I've tried the following, which didn't work:

  • creating my own attachment table with a BLOB data type field and a GUID field for each connecting feature class' Global ID
  • creating attachments for one feature class (e.g. survey_ATTACH) in ArcCatalog and then creating new relationships between each of the other feature classes to the newly created survey_ATTACH table using the parent's GlobalID to the child's REL_GLOBALID.
  • copying the survey_ATTACH table, adding GUID fields to hold each of the feature classes GLOBALID and creating relationships between each feature class and the survey_ATTACH table

I was hoping to lump all photos from all the feature classes into a single attachment table instead of the 9-10 attachment tables for the FGDB.