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Export to CAD with Seed File - Block Shape and attributes

Question asked by BenWilder on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by BenWilder

Exporting a point feature class to .dwg using a seed file that contains 9 different block definitions. Block definitions have attributes that correspond to field names in the feature class.


Same procedure I successfully used 6 months ago in ArcMap 10.4. Upgraded to 10.6 yesterday. I have not tried reinstalling the older ArcMap version, not sure if that is relevant at all.


The issue: In CAD, the exported feature class appears with generic circle blocks, not the custom Block shapes I have created in the seed file. The properties of the newly created (exported from ArcMap) blocks indicate the right name of the various blocks--the same name that is assigned in the RefName column of the feature class, but, none of the attribute information appears in the properties window in CAD. Also, the Block Unit has changed from 'feet' to 'Unitless' (If I load the ArcGIS for AutoCAD app, I can view the attribute table using those tools, but that add-on has not been required in the past.)


Clearly something in the Export to CAD is not working. Hoping someone else has encountered similar issues and can suggest where I should look.