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Using select multiple as a type with follow-up questions

Question asked by mgrietageodata-com-ph-esridist Employee on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by mgrietageodata-com-ph-esridist

I have done survey with conditional questions and tried the select one as a type (yes or no) for "kind of rice". Whenever I choose the "Yes" answer for B1a in FIES_1 form, the follow-up questions in the red box appears, but it looks redundant when putting a yes or no for every question under B1. So, I tried again the select multiple as a type in FIES_2 form. However, when I checked the A and/or B under Kind of rice, I want to show the follow-up question in the red box. but it is under A or B. Hence, if I uncheck either A or B, it will hide the follow-up questions.

Thanks in advance!