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Space Time Analysis Algorithm Question

Question asked by cy.zhu on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by cy.zhu

Hi all,


I'm trying to understand how the space time analysis tool works. However I can't find description on what the tool uses to perform Mann-Kendall Trend test.


(1) As shown in the ArcGIS Pro ToolReference website, quote:"The trend analysis performed on the aggregated variables or summary field values is based on the Mann-Kendall statistic." This suggests that the tool uses the aggregated value for the variable we choose.

(2) However, in another website describing How Emerging Hot Spot Works, the trends are describing as "increase or decrease in the intensity of clustering over time". I think the intensity of clustering is decided by the z-score/p-value of the spatial hot spot analysis rather than the aggregated value itself.


Which one is used performing Mann-Kendall Trend test in the Space Time Analysis tool? The aggregated Value or the z-score of the of each location at each time step?


Thanks in advance for the help!