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AOI Selection Widget / Load New Config File

Question asked by on Jul 6, 2018
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Widget idea that I don't have the skills to build: Allow a user to select an option, similar to bookmark widget, that sends an updated request to reload the url to another config.json file. What we want to be able to do is allows a user to select an area of interest and then have the web app refresh and load a config.json file that correlates to the AOI they chose.



Web application has 4 config.json files associated with 4 areas of interest. User has a drop-down (similar to bookmark widget) to select their area of interest.

  1. AOI #1 = config.json (default created with web app builder) = 
    1. This level would be the default landing page.
  2. AOI #2 = config_2.json = 
  3. AOI #3 = config_3.json =
  4. AOI #4 = config_4.json = 


The additional config.json files would load new AGOL web maps specific to the Area of Interest selected by the end user.