Portal Certificate Loss after machine restart

Discussion created by aawada622 on Jun 29, 2018



I am facing an issue in arcgis enterprise 10.5.1 where i loose the portal imported certificate everytime I restart the machine.

I imported self-signed ssl certificate into portal (using portaladmin directory) successfully. After then I restart the portal server, the certificate is lost and the portal certificate reverts back to default portal certificate "portal". I noticed that the keystore named "portal.ks" located at "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal\etc\ssl" is replaced at every restart. Note that my windows is 2016 and i portal is configured in HA mode. This also happens in single mode (not HA)

I attached for the case below to show how the dates change for the portal.ks after restart and which means that it gets updated.

Please help!!!!!