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Best practice for Unit Testing

Question asked by milesee0000 on Jun 29, 2018


I'm trying to follow the "Best practice for unit testing" page on the WAB (Dev Edition) Guide. It starts by saying - use npm to install intern. This is where I'm stumped, as it seems to expect you have a non-windows install of WAB. Let me explain....


I'm using WAB (Dev Edition) on a windows PC, so node is already packaged as part of the install, but there is no npm.cmd file anywhere in the file structure. I tried installing the standard nodeJS (which does have npm.cmd), but that has it's own node_modules folder and anything installed usiing npm will be installed there and not under the WAB's node_modules folder.


Is there anyone out there who's using a windows install of WAB and has already gone through the pain of getting this working, that could give me som guidance please.