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Survey123 Feature Service Listing "Name", not "Label" in Web Map. Possible Bug?

Question asked by lharper_mcg on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by josh.harris_WYG

Hey all - 


We have a survey where one of the fields use select_one so that users can choose specific buildings from a grouping within the "choices" tab of the xlsx file. The name column of the choices contain the numeric ID number of the building and the label is the name of that particular building (as depicted below).



Within the Survey123 app and web form, everything works great in terms of the labels displaying properly in the drop-down of the question. However, when I pull the feature service into a Portal web map to view the data, the labels seem to get lost and revert to displaying the ID number that was in the name column.




We aren't using choice_filters, nor are there any cascades or repeats in the form. I've read that there was a similar type of issue with Collector a while back, but I wonder if this is similar? Is there a means to fix this so that associated web maps will display the labels?


Thanks in advance for the help!