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Print/Export Layout Differences

Question asked by ajkelsey on Jun 23, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by MidnightYell2003

Export to JPG: When I export to JPG, I get the results I was looking for. The JPGappears the same way my layout looks on screen.


Export to PDF: The PDF is pretty good except it is showing small gray rectangles around the icons I created. I made the icons in CAD and saved them to SVG and I believe the rectangles are the outlines of the paper. It's strange that it doesn't show up on screen or in the JPG export.


Printing: The results from my printer look like the PDF except the icons on the map are rotated. I did rotate the map 20 degrees in my layout, but why are the icons printing differently than shown on screen?


Any insight would be appreciated.


ArcGIS v 2.1.3

Windows 10