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Incorrect output from Spatial Join

Question asked by MollyKFoley on Jun 22, 2018
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I am using the geoprocessing tool Spatial Join (not to be confused with the right-click on layer > Join > spatial join).


I have two polygons that are not near the base polygon. My spatial join clause is finding features within 55 meters of the base polygon, but it picks up these two features as well and I have no idea why. I have buffered the base polygon by 55 meters and it doesn't touch those two polygons (I have also buffered in the other direction, two polygons to base). I have also entered a distance of 0 and I still get these results.. I have also tried changing the method to intersect and again, still get these results...


The projections are the same for each layer (USA Contiguous Albers Equal Area Conic). This is driving me nuts because it's very important this tool performs correctly for a production script.