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Add Data Widget: strange behaviour with a WMS Service

Question asked by sit_aimag on Jun 22, 2018


I would like some help with the Add Data Widget. I have to add to my map all the layers included in this WMS service:

If I add it in ArcGIS Desktop, I get two group layers, one ("Aree_protette") containing four layers and another one ("Rete_Natura_2000") containing three group layers.

When I add it using the Add Data Widget, the group layer "Aree_protette" is loaded perfectly, while "Rete_Natura_2000" appears as closed, but it's empty.

I tried with other WMS services, and they get added perfectly, so I think that the problem resides in the WMS service. Maybe the three-levels group layer is a bit too much to handle?


I don't think that it's relevant, but I didn't understand how to configure the proxy to add a WMS layer (by the way, can someone show me how to do it?), so to make it work I simply added the server name to the list.