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list all services in a web map

Question asked by hcarverSABO on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2018 by andrescastillo08

Does anyone know a way to extract a list of all services in a web map?  I have a number of web maps and am continuously needing to retire old layers from them and replace with new layers.  It would be very helpful to be able to extract lists from all web maps and send to a spreadsheet so I would know what maps if any a layer is active in. 


Of course this info is visible in the details of the web maps but this would be very time consuming to check each one.  Is there a way to pull the details with a python script or something into an Excel sheet so I can see all maps consuming a service at once?


ArcGIS 10.3.1, with Federated Portal


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