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SQL view to display the last reconcile/post dates in SDE tables

Question asked by jteisinger on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by jteisinger

Hi, I would like to create a view that would show the dates for the last reconcile and post operation for each version in GDB. I understand each state has a closing date and each version can have last touched data. However I am having a difficult time figuring out at which point either the states or lineages would be considered "reconciled/posted". I was trying to use a combination of SDE_states, SDE_versions, SDE_lineages_modified and SDE_state_lineages.


Would anyone have SQL code or ideas how to accomplish this?


The idea here is to create a report that would list which versions need to be reconciled and posted within a certain time period, to hold our users accountable.


Thank you!