Data Driven Pages - Still have a way to go

Discussion created by andrewb on Dec 9, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2012 by ophyxgra
Overall, I would say that the "Data Driven Pages" Tools are a pretty good first attempt at map production and automation.  I think that several will agree that some of the functionality of DSMapBook is Absolutely Necessary to make Data Driven Pages 100%.  In my opinion, some of the critical functionality still required are:

1.  The Map Book TOC panel.  I find this MUCH easier to navigate than a small toolbar with arrows.  Most often I have ~175 pages in a map book.  Scrolling up and down in a list is much easier than clicking left/right or typing in (guessing) at a number.  Also, in the panel you can manipulate each individual page.  In many instances I don't want to print/export every page. I just click off the ones I don't want.  you can also print/export one single page.

2.  Labeling Neighbor tiles is much easier.  No GeoProcessing tools are needed to add fields to your index layer for dynamic labeling.  It Just works.

3.  Select Tile When Drawing.  SUPER handy when you want to highlight just the boundary of that page.

4.  Supressing tiles that don't contain data from specific layers.  Many times I'll do a definition query on a layer to show only specific features (i.e. Show me only FEMA flood zones AE).  Then create map series pages for only those tiles.  Easy as Pie in DSMapbook.  Can't do w/ data driven pages.

5.  Export each individual page to it's own PDF.  This is really handy when you want to link to a pdf on a website.  Also, a PDF of 175 tiles at 15MB each can make one heck of a large PDF File.

Overall, I think that Data Driven Pages show promise, but still have some ways to go.  Oh, I would say that I do REALLY like Dynamic Text Labeling.  Great added feature!