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onchange events and dojo TextBox confusion

Question asked by franklin.alexander on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by rscheitlin

The first question I have is: does 'onchange' attribure work with a dojo dijit/form/TextBox?  If not, is 'intermediateChanges:true' the replacement, and if so, how do I connect it to my function? I can't seem to get 'onchange' to work, and I can't seem to find much info by googling 'intermediateChanges'. 


<input data-dojo-attach-point="stringTextBox" type="text" data-dojo-type="dijit/form/TextBox" data-dojo-props="trim:true, intermediateChanges:true"
class="dijit-form-TextBox" >


I am using the eSearch widget in an app built using WAB v2.8. I have an input element( that is a dropdown menu which selects from predefined values) and I want the 'search' function to execute on input change. The html for the input tag is in the SingleParameter.html file and the 'Search' function I want to execute is in the Widget.js file. I set the intermediateChanges:true property in the input tag, but there must be something else I have to do to get it to work. I think I have to use something like this:

on(stringTextBox, "change", lang.hitch(this, this.Search));

but I am not sure where to drop this in the widget.js file. Also, I am not sure how to access the input element's attach point since it is in the SingleParameter.html file, not the Widget.html file. I know I am probable making it more difficult that it should be, but any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.