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"Swipe loading failed" loading embeded swipe map - sometimes

Question asked by Map_Sync on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by Map_Sync

When viewing my Story Map on a Chromebook,  I'm getting this "Sorry, Swipe loading failed" error message.  It happens when the primary Story Map tries to load embeded swipe Storymaps in two of its 'main stage' areas. They try to load for a while (15 seconds to a minute) then report the error.   Launched as standalone Stories, those two swipe Storymaps work fine.   They, and their constituent layers, are public and the StoryMap site gives them a clean bill of health.   



Except for the two embeded maps, the rest of the larger Storymap comes up fine, and the whole Story Map and all its maps open fine in the two Windows 10 desktops, two Apple Air and two iPhones I tried.


I wasn't able to find any documentation on the "Sorry, Swipe loading failed" message.  Someone on Reddit once complained that he got the message when trying to open a slider map that other people were able to open.  I also got that message at one point when I provided an incorrect link to a Story Map.  


Here is a link to the ailing Storymap, (which is still in draft):