Creating a sandbox for Enterprise in Azure

Discussion created by Colli on Jun 15, 2018
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Hello out there. My organization is about to take the leap to Enterprise 10.6 and we are also going for our first Azure application deployment. I'm looking for suggestions, documentation, ideas etc on how we might setup a test site without Manually creating it from scratch. Or maybe that's what we do need to do? 


some background: Currently we are using Server 10.3.1 (no portal) along with a custom internal web map application. Back when we built this, we built two sites from the ground up. Our beta server site which is on a server (testserver) feeds into a beta web map app ( where we are able to connect our other test apps to it. Example, our test salesforce site is connected to so we can test SF data in the testmapapp.  Our prod server site and application ( lives on a separate machine (prodserver). So all our prod apps are talking to our prod GIS sites. Hope that's clear enough?


So now that we are going to Azure and plan on using Cloud Builder how would we organize our new env and how do we build them? One option I've been told is that we can just move our Azure site to a new server and have a replica site as a beta. That would work I think, but there are all sorts of other apps in beta sites we need to connect to, not the prod apps we will build our prod site with. 


So, how do you then change all the services so that they are accessed via From what I can tell if we just moved our entire site to another server in azure, wouldn't I just have another site who's services are all at So do we just change IIS or DNS so the test site we created is accessed with the test urls? Same with the enterprise gdb? Do I have to manually change the data sources on all the services and views so they are looking for testserver > enterprise gdb instead of prodserver enterprise gdb?


I guess the big picture i'm looking at is whether we should clone our prod site in azure and reconfigure all the touch points so we connect to our other beta systems? OR do we just do the Enterprise build from scratch for Beta and connect it back to our other beta apps piece by piece? Maybe a hybrid approach?


Any thoughts, recs?!


Thank you