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Issues with BasicFeatureLayer.Select()

Question asked by bartvh on Jun 13, 2018
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In our AddIn we are trying to use the BasicFeatureLayer.Select to select/highlight some features on the map. This works great in most cases , but apparently were are bumping into some limitation. We receive a ArcGIS.Core.Data.GeodatabaseException ("a geodatabase exception occured") with HRESULT: 0x80050120 and StackTrace:

at ArcGIS.Core.Internal.ISelectionIOP.Selection_Combine(IntPtr selectionHandle, IntPtr otherSelectionHandle, SetOperation setOperation)
at ArcGIS.Core.Data.Selection.Combine(Selection otherSelection, SetOperation setOperation)


Does anyone know what is leading to this? Is it the number of features being selected (around 150 in this test). 

We've also tried to make the select in blocks using the SelectionCombinationMethod.New and Add together. The issue remails.