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How to Update Geometry based on Attribute Values or External Tables

Question asked by on Jun 12, 2018

I am trying to update the geometry of a point layer based on values in another table.  I originally collected a large set of manhole locations and attributes using a submeter GNSS receiver.  Requirements for the project changed and we ended up having to go back out and survey them with an RTK GNSS receiver for higher accuracy.  I already have my feature class with attachments and attributes (including an Asset_ID field) for the submeter resolution data.  I have a .csv and a shapefile of the RTK resolution data (with a Name field that matches the Asset_ID field from my submeter dataset).  How can I go about moving all of my submeter data to the positions of the RTK data set, and maintain my attachments and attributes, without manually updating the geometry of each feature in the advanced editing toolbar, or manually snapping them to the features in the RTK shapefile.  I am running 10.6 Advanced with most extensions (i.e. spatial analyst, 3D analyst, Geostatistical analyst, etc.) 


P.S.: I have already done a join based on the Name/Asset_ID fields and populated 3 fields in my Submeter dataset (POINT_X, POINT_Y, and POINT_Z) with the coordinates from the RTK dataset, so I guess I could update based on those fields instead of an external dataset/table