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Why is WebTiledLayer performance horrible?

Question asked by Crittermap on Jun 12, 2018
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Why is WebTiledLayer being super slow on purpose?


Both I and a colleague see this problem.


Using WebTiledLayer with some custom urls.


For control group, we used World Topographic Map.

Yes, I know this could be done with a different class also, but just for comparison.

We also used other servers from Canada, Australia and Tasmania.


We tried this simple test:

Zoom in by several steps quickly from zoom 7 to 15


World Topographic Map worked very fast. You can see the difference fairly soon.

We notice via the logs that World Topographic Maps is download all levels between 7 and 15, but it does so quickly.

06-12 08:22:04.605 511-1749/.... key:  11,344,727 url:
06-12 08:22:04.605 511-1768/... key:  11,344,730 url:
06-12 08:22:04.606 511-1800/...: key:  11,343,731 url:

You notice there is only milliseconds or less between requests.


We tried with another server template from Toporama WMS in Canada. (Yes, I know that there are WMS classes too, but I am making a comparison).


You are waiting for five or ten minutes for the screen to refresh.

It is still downloading all the levels - but taking its time. 

06-12 08:50:31.190 511-29904/... key:  9,106,160 url:,builtup_areas,designated_areas,hydrography,hypsography,water_saturated_soils,landforms,constructions,road_network,railway,aeronautical_network,structures,power_network,boundaries,feature_names&bbox=-11740728,7435794,-11662456,7514066&width=256&height=256
06-12 08:50:32.180 511-29907/... key:  9,105,158 url:,builtup_areas,designated_areas,hydrography,hypsography,water_saturated_soils,landforms,constructions,road_network,railway,aeronautical_network,structures,power_network,boundaries,feature_names&bbox=-11818999,7592337,-11740728,7670609&width=256&height=256
06-12 08:50:33.145 511-29909/... key:  9,106,157 url:,builtup_areas,designated_areas,hydrography,hypsography,water_saturated_soils,landforms,constructions,road_network,railway,aeronautical_network,structures,power_network,boundaries,feature_names&bbox=-11740728,7670609,-11662456,7748880&width=256&height=256
06-12 08:50:35.675 511-29910/... key:  9,107,157 url:,builtup_areas,designated_areas,hydrography,hypsography,water_saturated_soils,landforms,constructions,road_network,railway,aeronautical_network,structures,power_network,boundaries,feature_names&bbox=-11662456,7670609,-11584185,7748880&width=256&height=256


As you see, it waits between one and five seconds before it even makes a request.

Can we blame the server? No, because the SDK isn't trying too hard.

Slow Web Tiled Layer


A colleague in Canada has the same performance.

Somehow, our colleague in Vietnam did not see this problem, even though he is much farther from the server.


I tried it with many other servers that were pretiled, including some obviously using MapServer or ImageServer:{l}/{y}/{x}/ 


It appears you have some code like this:


foreach(tile in tilesNeeded)


   //we want to make sure anyone not using ArcGISOnline looks bad.

   if( not from ArcGISOnline)


      //impose a meaningless delay.

      wait one to five seconds;





What the heck is going on?