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Query Widget: Time removed from Export

Question asked by erick.wiggs on Jun 8, 2018
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I'm using the online Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS to create a reporting dashboard. I set up the Query Widget to help the end user query my feature service and return results.

All of that is working fine, except that when I use the export to csv function it strips all of the times off of my date/time attributes.


I've checked the services I published, the webmap feeding the web app, and the database. All show correct date/ time in the attribute field. When I look at individual pop-ups, I see the date/ time; in both the web map and web app. When I look at the data in the Attribute Table within the dashboard - I see date/time, and when I export from the attribute table widget I see date time. 


From what I can tell, the query widget doesn't support showing times from the queried feature service? Or am I missing something?