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"Esri.ArcGISRuntime is not installed" problem

Question asked by on Jun 7, 2018
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I just downloaded and installed ArcGISRuntime SDK for Qt on Fedora 27. I plan to develop only for the Linux desktop so I didn't tick any mobile device options at install/postInstall time.

I followed the instructions for installation on Linux.


Then I downloaded an example solution for this ArcGIS DevLabs example


It built w/o any complaints but when I tried to debug-run it would exit with the message "module Esri.ArcGISRuntime is not installed".

Also the "import" lines in the QML file pulling in Esri.ArcGISRuntime module stayed red-underlined indicating it as "not found".


I tried rerunning the "postInstaller" but no avail. Then I tried to reinstall the entire ArcGISRuntime SDK but again, no difference.

 So after some research I found that the location of the ArcGISRuntime plugins can/should be specified in the QML_IMPORT_PATH in the Qt .pro file so I added the following line to the project file:

     QML_IMPORT_PATH += ~/ArcGIS/runtime_sdk/qt100.2.1/sdk/Linux/x64/qml


The QtCreator now stopped underlining the import line and hovering over the import line shows that it did locate the module and is showing its path.


However, debug-run still fails with the same message  "module Esri.ArcGISRuntime is not installed".

I searched on the internet but noting more than what I've already done comes up.


The Esri instructions say that the postInstaller would set up everything in the QtCreator to work with the ArcGISRuntime.

But what about the debugee run-time when the Qt Framework is resolving the modules to load?

Is there any ENV variable that needs to be updated with the QML module location?


If so which one is it and which location should be added?


Any help would be immensely appreciated, thanks.