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Relevant if 'X' not selected syntax

Question asked by Thomas.Perriment_AtkinsGeospatial on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by Thomas.Perriment_AtkinsGeospatial

I'm currently pulling data through from a csv attached to my survey based on a Location ID field. However if that data changes on site, I have added in a select multiple so the user can chose to change one of those details.


My issue is that I want the data draw through to be hidden should the user select the relevant box, such as in the images below where Location Type is ticked (I would want Location Type data draw through to disappear).


I have tried using the selected operator in various forms, but that only presents the field in case of a true return. I'm wondering whether it can test for an "unselected" feature, such as notselected(${LocationDetails}, 'Location_Type') so that the field only appears when Location Type is selected. I would link it to a master question (such as "Have the location details changed?" but that knocks out other functionality.


Any suggestions? Thank you.