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How to add an additional web adaptor for external maps?

Question asked by deleted-user-zHyAB19DanET on Jun 5, 2018
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I have an ArcGIS Enterprise (10.6) set up with one machine hosting the portal and server and another machine in the DMZ for the web adaptors. At the moment it is set up so that everyone within our network can access the my maps 'publicly'. Now, however, I have been asked to create maps for our customers who are outside of our network. I have got a secondary machine in the DMZ for those 'properly public' maps however I cannot configure this web adaptor / portal to register with each other. The help screens that appear are 'Configure multiple ArcGIS Web Adaptors' where it asks to update system properties with '{ "WebContextURL": "" }'. Is this asking for the reverse proxy of the internal or external web adaptor? What does it mean by 'myorg'G?


I hope I've given enough information but any help getting this set up so I can have one web adaptor for internal maps and one for external maps would be truly appreciated!