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visible zoom level not working right?

Question asked by tschwartzman-esristaff Employee on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by alaframboise-esristaff

Love the new editor.  One thing that may not be working right:


-playing with light gray basemap, editing building shadows

-it is set for scale levels 16-18, but when zoomed into level 18, it turns off


pics below:


level 17, all looks good, you can see that dark shadow accenting the buildings



level 18, shadow turns off but shouldn't



Actually this is true at any level, meaning if I set the upper limit of the visible range to level 17, when the map is drawn at level 17 the layer does not show.


In this way (that it does not include the level that is set as the upper scale range), there is no way to have it draw at the largest scale (level 18).


Perhaps I am missing something.


Tom S.