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Does the Identify widget work on query results?

Question asked by franklin.alexander on May 25, 2018
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I am updating an old flex application to WAB 2.8 and in configuring the identify widget, I cannot get it to see the layer from the eSearch results. I am using 4 map service REST layers for the search, and I have 7 other REST service layers that are being used as base layers, and connected through the Local Layer widget. All of these layers are from the same map service. The identify widget can see all of the layers connected through the Local layer widget (visible in layer list), but cannot see the query results from any of the layers that are configured in the eSearch widget. I did check the box in the widget config to 'Add Result as Operational Layer' and the search results show up on the map as expected. I compared the config settings from the xml file of the older flex app to the new file and they are identical. Not sure what I am missing, but the identify widget in the old flexviewer app can see the results from the eSearch just fine. By the way, both apps, old and new, are using the exact same map service, so I am fairly certain the issue is not with the map service, but something to do with the eSearch widget config. Any ideas of what I might be missing? Thanks!


I almost forgot. When I do get results from one of the base layers, 'No Results Found' still shows at the top of the Results pane.