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River Shapefiles

Question asked by kenoswald on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on May 25, 2018 by cdspatial

I have two polyline shapefiles of rivers, each of which displays segments that have some level of pollution. The first shapefile displays polluted segments as green and the second displays polluted segments as blue in the image below. There are two shapefiles because each displays different type of pollution, but for my purposes, the type of pollution isn't of concern. I am only concerned with whether a river is 'polluted' or 'not polluted'.

As can be seen, some river segments are coincident, while others are not. I would like to create a single shapefile from these two that displays only 'polluted' segments of river, regardless of type of pollution. I ultimately want to calculate 'total length of polluted rivers' within a given area without regard to type of pollution, but I am especially concerned with avoiding 'double counting' for those segments of rivers that are coincident (i.e., segments that are shown as 'polluted' in both shapefiles).

Can someone suggest the best method in ArcGIS to create this single shapefile of 'polluted rivers' while avoiding double counting? I am using v. 10.3.


Thanks a lot - I really appreciate any advice here.