Erase but for raster

Discussion created by niklas.norrthonesri-se-esridist Employee on Feb 4, 2011
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I'm looking for a tool similar to Erase_analysis but for raster source instead of a feature class. The clip feature is still vector. That is the opposite of Clip_management (leaving a hole of NoData in the result). I have found three ways to do it so far, but they all seem a little cumbersome, and I'm looking for something simpler.

My possible workarounds are so far:

  • Convert clip feature class to raster, and call SetNull

  • Create a feature class from raster extent, call erase with clip feature class, and then Clip Raster
  • Same as above but ExtractByMask instead of Clip Raster

Is there anyone out there with a better idea on how to accomplish this task?

I Have ArcGIS 10 / ArcInfo with spatial to play with.