ArcGIS 3D functionality

Discussion created by WarrenMedernach on Feb 4, 2011

I'm trying to determine what is the best tool to accomplish a particular task, and I need help...

Type of work: Geo-envirnomental planning
Say I have original ground 'surface' data in LIDAR, and I need to place create a dam.  I have a polyline representing the top of the dam, and it is 'floating' above the surface at the correct final elevation.

Based on this info, can ArcGIS:

  • Create the dam by projecting the polyline (or lines) down to the OG surface at a specific slope, ie 3:1?

  • Calculate the volume of the dam

  • Extract the dam footprint

  • Visualize the dam in 3D

I have 3D Analyst, and Spatial Analyst, and I understand functional surfaces (2.5D) and tins in Arc.  I know how to accomplish this is other 3D modeling/CAD packages, so I guess I'm just not clear if, or how, Arc can handle the above scenario.

Thanks for any info provided.

Warren M