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Web AppBuilder Apps are missing by changing portal name

Question asked by Irfanafsar1 on May 22, 2018
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Recently we have changed our organizational portal url for arcgis online. It was something like  to . After changing the new name for portal all web appbuilder apps become missing, although I can see them in my directory G:\WebAppBuilderForArcGIS\server\apps. I already registered the url to app redirect page. Also, this was the first error

"You are currently signed in as: 'irfan.afsar_myorganization'. You do not have access to this resource:"

To fix this error I open my app config.json and changed my new portal Url in both for app and map location.

Now i can access and edit  my app by direct url http://myapp:3344/webappbuilder/?id=29 .

But in the web appbuilder template no app available.


I really appreciate any help!