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Running Jaccard's index on feature classes between two vector layers

Question asked by DarrelTiang on May 17, 2018
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Hi, I'm a beginner GIS analyst working on monitoring landuse and deforestation.


So I have two vector layers, and both are of the same area but each is created by a different organisation. Both consists of polygons representing a landuse (i.e. forest, settlement, oil palm..etc..). I used Jaccard's index to compare similarity between the two layers ( to check how different the two organisations have digitized the study area) and it yielded a score of 0.9. I did this by using the "INTERSECT" tool then "UNION". Then dividing the former with the later (Area field in attribute table). Although very similar to each other, I can visually observe differences in the way the two parties categorise their landuse, for example, Organisation A's forest is Organisation B's oil palm. Is there a way to apply the same method of comparison (Jaccard's index) between each landuse class? Say i want to get just the forest feature class in the attribute tables and compare them like above. Is there a way to go around it? I thought of trying Selecting by attribute and then unionising/intersecting but is this possible in an attribute level?


Sorry for the lengthy question, it feels like there is a very simple solution to this but my neurons just dont seem to connect and produce that eureka moment..please help me out, anyone.