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Locator parameters in js application?

Question asked by ascullyCOT on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by ascullyCOT

We have an old js application ( ) built from an ESRI template (can't remember which one, it's pretty old) 

The locator we wired up got retired, and we need to put in a new one.  Simple, mostly.  However there are some additional parameters in the Config.js code that I can't quite crack.

Here's the locator we are now wanting to use:

Geocoders/COMPOSITE_LOCATOR_WEB (GeocodeServer) 


And here's what we need for the app, in addition to the service URL:

LocatorParameters: ["SingleKey"], // Set Locator fields (fields to be used for searching).

CandidateFields: "Score, Match_addr, Addr_type", //Set which fields are returned in results

DisplayField: "${Match_addr}", //Set which field from results is displayed

LocatorFieldName: 'Addr_type',//The returned field which specifies match type (specific locator within composite)

LocatorFieldValues: ["Address", "Addr", "Address_1", "Customer_Address"] //List of acceptable individual locators (within composite)


My hunch is that it's the last item - LocatorFieldValues - that's not working with the new locator service, as well as possibly the LocatorParameters (is 'SingleLine' a viable entry there?)


Any tips on the configuration, or where to look in the service properties to find this?  


Thanks -