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Attribute Expression - remove null value

Question asked by pacoventry on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by pcoventry_bouldercounty

I’m trying to replicate the “Conditional Field Display” as wonderfully noted by Kelly Gerrow et al, with my particular dataset, but running into an issue – possibly with the field name??


Here are the steps I’ve taken:


Step 1. Create an Arcade Expression


IIF (isEmpty($feature[“Apt_link”]),””,”Description”)

(Instead of $feature.description format specified in the instructions, I'm using [" "]...could this be the problem??)




Step 2. Configure Customer Attribute Display



{expression/expr0}  {Description}


Both the expression/expr0 and Description are lined to the "Apt_link" field in my dataset.  


Here's a link to my webmap: 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!