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App is crashing on windows

Question asked by frankiPL on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2018 by jballard-esristaff


I have an app working on Linux, tried to compile for windows and it is crashing as soon as I open qml page with maps.

I have compiled with Qt 5.10.1 and MSVC2017 64Bit on Windows 10 also I have Visual 2017 community and openssl 1.0.2g

The compiler in Qt kit is set for 15.0 x86_amd64.  I know that in system requirements for windows there is 15.3 but this Visual Studio I have installed 2 days ago and this compiler is from VS

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\VC\Auxiliary\Build\vcvarsall.bat x86_amd64

What can be the problem ?


Below there is debug output.


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Stopped in thread 19 by Exception at 0x0 write access violation at 0x8

debug is:

2 RT_KMLDataset_destroy runtimecore 0x7ffa57f682eb
3 RT_KMLDataset_destroy runtimecore 0x7ffa57ec364a
4 RT_KMLDataset_destroy runtimecore 0x7ffa57f997ea
5 RT_KMLDataset_destroy runtimecore 0x7ffa57f16e5c
6 RT_KMLDataset_destroy runtimecore 0x7ffa57eb7f68
7 RT_KMLDataset_destroy runtimecore 0x7ffa57ef233d
8 RT_KMLDataset_destroy runtimecore 0x7ffa5ada4d8f
9 _C_specific_handler VCRUNTIME140D 0x7ffa927914f0
10 _BuildCatchObjectHelper VCRUNTIME140D 0x7ffa92795639
11 _unDNameEx VCRUNTIME140D 0x7ffa927a5bfe
12 _BuildCatchObjectHelper VCRUNTIME140D 0x7ffa92795912
13 _CxxFrameHandler3 VCRUNTIME140D 0x7ffa927a6107
14 RT_KMLDataset_destroy runtimecore 0x7ffa58c8cc00
15 _chkstk ntdll 0x7ffaaec6513d
16 RtlUnwindEx ntdll 0x7ffaaebde525
17 FindAndUnlinkFrame VCRUNTIME140D 0x7ffa927a6005
18 is_exception_typeof VCRUNTIME140D 0x7ffa92793c89
19 is_exception_typeof VCRUNTIME140D 0x7ffa92794306
20 _BuildCatchObjectHelper VCRUNTIME140D 0x7ffa92795b25
21 _CxxFrameHandler3 VCRUNTIME140D 0x7ffa927a6107
22 _chkstk ntdll 0x7ffaaec650bd
23 RtlWalkFrameChain ntdll 0x7ffaaebdd278
24 KiUserExceptionDispatcher ntdll 0x7ffaaec63fee
25 RaiseException KERNELBASE 0x7ffaab344008
26 CxxThrowException VCRUNTIME140D 0x7ffa92797e2d
27 RT_KMLDataset_destroy runtimecore 0x7ffa57fa92e8
28 RT_KMLDataset_destroy runtimecore 0x7ffa569a3aec
29 RT_KMLDataset_destroy runtimecore 0x7ffa5474176f
30 RT_KMLDataset_destroy runtimecore 0x7ffa53918dbe
31 QRTImpl::RendererImpl::toJson EsriCommonQtd 0x7ffa60ba7bad
32 QRTImpl::RendererImpl::toJson EsriCommonQtd 0x7ffa607beca7
33 qt_plugin_instance ArcGISRuntimePlugind 0x7ffa627f4386
34 QSGFramebufferObjectNode::render qquickframebufferobject.cpp 235 0x7ffa7623aa51
35 QSGFramebufferObjectNode::qt_static_metacall qquickframebufferobject.moc 74 0x7ffa762399aa
36 QMetaObject::activate qobject.cpp 3769 0x7ffa644c0648
37 QMetaObject::activate qobject.cpp 3630 0x7ffa644bfd98
38 QQuickWindow::beforeRendering moc_qquickwindow.cpp 507 0x7ffa7601a454
39 QQuickWindowPrivate::renderSceneGraph qquickwindow.cpp 457 0x7ffa76027255
40 QSGRenderThread::syncAndRender qsgthreadedrenderloop.cpp 646 0x7ffa75f80daf
41 QSGRenderThread::run qsgthreadedrenderloop.cpp 732 0x7ffa75f804f7
42 QThreadPrivate::start qthread_win.cpp 378 0x7ffa640afb3f
43 BaseThreadInitThunk KERNEL32 0x7ffaae091fe4
44 RtlUserThreadStart ntdll 0x7ffaaec2f061


application output is:

Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Plugin: void __cdecl ArcGISRuntimePlugin::registerTypes(const char *) Esri.ArcGISRuntime

Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Plugin: void __cdecl QmlUtils::registerTypes(const char *) Esri.ArcGISRuntime

Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Plugin: void __cdecl ArcGISRuntimePlugin::initializeEngine(class QQmlEngine *,const char *) Esri.ArcGISRuntime

Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Core: void __cdecl QmlUtils::initializeRuntimeLicense(void) licenseStatus 3

Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Core: void __cdecl QmlUtils::initializeRuntimeLicense(void) licenseLevel 0

Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Core: void __cdecl QmlUtils::initializeRuntimeLicense(void) licenseType 0

Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Core: void __cdecl QmlUtils::initializeImageProvider(class QQmlEngine *)

Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Core: void __cdecl QmlUtils::initializeImageProvider(class QQmlEngine *) Setting global image provider QVariant(void*, 0x21a16d1ac40)

Esri.ArcGISExtras.Plugin: void __cdecl ArcGISExtrasPlugin::registerTypes(const char *) Esri.ArcGISExtras

Esri.ArcGISExtras.Plugin: void __cdecl ArcGISExtrasPlugin::registerTypes(const char *) Registering Singleton Types

Esri.ArcGISExtras.Core: void __cdecl TkTypes::registerTypes(const char *) Esri.ArcGISExtras

Esri.ArcGISExtras.Plugin: void __cdecl ArcGISExtrasPlugin::initializeEngine(class QQmlEngine *,const char *) Esri.ArcGISExtras


Exception at 0x7ffaab344008, code: 0xe06d7363: C++ exception, flags=0x1 (execution cannot be continued) (first chance) in runtimecore!RT_KMLDataset_destroy