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Shortlist "as is" workflow - application does not initialize

Question asked by _toddbbot_ on May 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by craigp22

Hi, I'm trying to publish a Shortlist Story Map using an existing Web Map "as is." The application displays fine when I access it via my content page by clicking "view application": 


However, when I'm not logged in, the applications behaves erratically. Sometimes the application displays fully. Sometime only some tabs display. Most often the application never finishes initializing:


The web application is public and accessible here. The underlying web map is also public, as is the supporting feature layer, whose definition is here.


I'll also note:

  1. The feature layer includes all required fields, but also includes other fields. I'm wondering if extra fields can cause errors.
  2. Using the same web map and feature layer, the import workflow works fine. The resulting app can be accessed here.


Thanks for your help!