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AGOL multiple layers single relationship class

Question asked by jaread_DOC on May 9, 2018
Latest reply on May 10, 2018 by jaread_DOC

Just exploring Hosted Feature Layer relationship persistence in AGOL.

I have a FGDB PointFC, with a 1:M relationship class to a related table. I have:



ABField (for def qry)

GlobalID (1) (DataType- GlobalD)


Relationship defined GlobalID to Point_FK



Point_FK (M) (DataType - GUID)

GlobalID (DataType- GlobalD)


As guidance suggests..


In mxd (or aprx) I have a definition query set on ABField, to create two layers (pointing at the same source FC) which I thought should both 'honor' the relationship class.


On publishing as a hosted feature service to AGOL, and subsequently when using the edit widget to add a related table record:


GlobalID from the source FC is correctly propagated from layer 0 (A) to the related table

GlobalID from the source FC is not correctly propagated from layer 1 (B) to the related table 


So my question is, is only a single layer (source) supported for relationship classes when publishing to AGOL? Will play with other options, but interested in views.


Happy to share the WebApp..