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Add domain to existing AGOL hosted feature service resets pop-up in web map

Question asked by WellandGIS on May 9, 2018

I have a hosted feature layer view setup in ArcGIS Online that references a hosted feature layer.  The view is included in a web map in which I had configured the pop-up by adjusting the order of the fields, visibility, editability, and the alias.  I added a new field to the hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Pro, then added a coded value domain to the new field using the Solutions Deployment Tool in ArcGIS Pro, which worked fine.  I then went to the Data tab of the feature layer's item details page in AGOL and turned on the new field.  I did the same for the view.  Then when I went to the web map I noticed that the pop-up had reverted back to the default and lost all my configurations.  Is this normal behaviour?  I could see this being a real problem if there were lots of fields.