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Story Map support for embedded 'html' content - June 2018 update

Question asked by djhoffman1973 on May 8, 2018
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I got the following message when trying to update one of my story maps recently (see below) regarding the June 2018 update to ArcGIS Online.  I have a great many story map elements that reference files, images and websites that are using the 'http' tag as many of our county websites are not 'https' enabled.  Does this mean that all embedded 'http' content will simply stop working after June 2018?  Or does that just mean that any new story maps created after June 2018 won't allow 'http' content (I'm hoping it's the latter).  The statement below doesn't explicitly state that 'http' links will stop working....hoping someone from ESRI can weigh in.




Esri is enhancing the security of Story Maps

Your Story Maps live on the web, and the web community is always working to establish and implement better security. HTTPS, which provides a secure connection for content transmitted over the internet, is emerging as the expected way to access web content. Most modern browsers now show warning messages when HTTP instead of HTTPS is used. Because of this emerging standard, beginning with the June 2018 update to ArcGIS Online, your Story Maps will need to use HTTPS.

Practically speaking, this means a Story Map and all its content (including images, layers, embedded apps and websites) must be accessed using links that start with HTTPS rather than HTTP. This ensures the best experience for your readers because most web browsers will indicate that your stories are secure.

What do I need to do?

Esri is working to make this an easy transition for Story Map authors and readers. Tools are available now in Story Map builders and My Stories that help you find insecure content (HTTP) in your stories and provide recommendations for how to address it. Please check your stories for insecure content and update to HTTPS before June 2018.

Use this link to view your content and which story maps are using http: